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APA Citation Style 6th Edition: B. Figures

This guide will help you cite sources in APA Citation Style 6th Edition.

Figures (pp. 38, 150-167)

When you use a figure in your paper that has been adapted or copied directly from another source, you need to reference the original source.  This reference appears as a caption underneath the figure that you copied or adapted for your paper.  You do not have to create a separate entry in your References list for the figure.

Any image that is reproduced from another source also needs to come with copyright permission; it is not enough just to cite the source.


  • Number figures consecutively throughout your paper.
  • Double-space the caption that appears under a figure.


General Format 1 (Figure from a Book):

     Caption under Figure
Example 1 (Figure from a Book):
General Format 2 (Figure from a Journal Article):
Example 2 (Figure from a Journal Article)
General Format 3 (Figure from a Website):
Example 3 (Figure from a Website):

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