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English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages Faculty: Course Reserves

Covers the general library services offered to faculty

Course Reserves

In addition to textbooks, many other types of materials can be put on Reserve in the Library. Do you want students to read certain books, book chapters, articles, etc.? You can put those on Reserve so the whole class can share the materials. You can put multiple copies of the same book on Reserve if you have a large class.

If you have electronic items, you can upload them to your D2L shell. We do, however, encourage you to link to database articles available through the MSUB Library's databases instead of putting them on Reserve so we can keep more accurate track of usage statistics. Linking out to these articles also helps you to stay on the safe side of copyright law. Read the information below to learn how to use persistent or proxy links to properly link to a database articles.

Linking to Database Content

We hope that you will make use of our electronic collections when looking for content for your courses. However, when you point students to articles in our databases, it won't always work to simply cut and paste the url from your browser's address bar. This is because you logged in to access the content so that url is dynamically generated. What your students will need to successfully access the content is a persistent and proxied link.
Many databases provide persistent links to their content. However, sometimes the links need to be modified with our proxy prefix. The proxy prefix routes students to a page where they log in with their campus credentials to access the content. If a link begins with  then it has the necessary proxy prefix.
Contact the library if you need help.