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English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages Faculty: D2L

Covers the general library services offered to faculty

Librarian Widget

There will be English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages liaison librarian's widgets coming soon. These widgets can be placed in your D2L course shell as a library contact person for your students. This widget includes links to helpful library resources and the librarian's contact information.  See the example below:

How to Add a D2L Widget

NEW!- Critical Library Research Skills

Critical Library Research Skills is a set of D2L modules developed by librarians that can be copied in whole or in part into D2L courses. These modules include helpful information for students on selecting and developing research topics, developing a search strategy, and finding, evaluating and citing sources. Once the modules are copied into your course shell, instructors are able to edit the information to better fit assignment needs.

You can find the full set of D2L modules under the "Self Registration" tab in D2L.


Request the files here:


Youtube Tutorials

There are a variety of Youtube tutorials on the MSUB Library channel that may be helpful to your students. To access the MSUB Library Youtube channel, click on the link below.