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Greek and Roman Mythology: Home

Research guide for students taking RLST 303 class or for those interested in mythology.

Online Reference Sources

Try these online reference resources to find background information on your topic.


Greek and Roman Mythology is a detailed course in the mythology of ancient Greece and of ancient Rome, which borrowed heavily from Greek mythological traditions.This guide was created specifically to provide research assistance to the students in RLST 303: Greek and Roman Mythology course.  

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Term Project Directions

Here are the links to the term project directions and the course syllabus:

Background Information

For general background information, consult standard encyclopedias by searching for "Myth" or "Mythology."

Giovanni Bellini and Titian - The Feast of the Gods - Google Art Project

Image Attribution: Feast of the Gods.

Giovanni Bellini [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons