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Becoming a Librarian: Information on starting a career in libraries

Are you a student at MSUB and thinking about becoming a librarian or information professional? Then this guide is intended for you.

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Library Programs (ALA accredited)

Articles and Websites about Becoming a Librarian

Statistics, Salaries, and Prospects


Every career path is different, but here are some tips that you might find useful.


  • Get experience  
    If you don't have library experience already, try to get a job working or volunteering in one. This can be an important step in networking and also seeing how libraries operate. It might also be helpful to try volunteering for an online answering website.
  • Talk to librarians in the field  
    Librarians tend to be friendly folk and very happy to talk to students interested in pursuing a career in librarianship.
  • Join an association
    On the left I list several possible associations that you might be interested in. There are lots more if your interests are more specific. Many of the associations have special student rates. They are great ways to learn more about the field and to network.
  • Read job listings
    On the left I list some librarian job listing sites. It can be helpful to peruse them to see what kind skills are being requested. I especially recommend learning what you can about technology.
  • Study Broadly
    Unless you have your heart set on being a specialist librarian (e.g. a medical, legal, business, or children's librarian), I would recommend that you get as broad of an education as you can. (Again, classes in computer science are likely to be especially helpful.) 
  • Go to an ALA-accredited program
    There are other options out there, but an ALA-accredited degree will give you the most options when you graduate. Many jobs require it.