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Special Collections: Bair-Collins Coal Co. Collection



Plat of Layout for Bair-Collins Mine: Roundup, Mont: July 8, 1930

Plat of Layout for Bair-Collins Mine, Roundup, Mont July 8, 1930

The collection came from Bair-Collins Co., Roundup, MontanaThe following states are included within the collection: Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, West  Virginia, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Washington  with date range of 1902 – 1956 (not complete run in years).  Mining laws, agreements, convention meeting minutes, proceedings, Constitutions, records of meetings, association yearbooks, correspondence files, and blueprints. 

Here are the digital images to the following mines and sketches:  Carpenter Creek Mine, Northwestern, Bull Mountain and Others, Keene Mine, Prescott Mine, Roundup Mine, Sketch Drawings, Miscellaneous Maps & Sketches.