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Mythology Around the World: Find Articles

This Research Guide contains valuable resources on the topics of global mythology.

Database Searching Tips

The MSUB Library subscribes to many databases which contain thousands of full-text articles. When accessing these databases from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with your MSUB credentials. Different databases have different appearances and user interfaces.  In general, most offer similar search functionality.

Spend some time brainstorming keywords & search terms to improve your search results. When you find a good article, look at its Reference or Works Cited list because this can often lead you to other good sources.

Keyword searching is the default in most databases

  • Use important nouns as search words
  • Try using synonyms of your search words to increase results
  • Avoid common words: "a," "an," "the," "to," "of," etc.
  • Use double quotations around search terms to search for an exact phrase. Example: "Greek Mythology"
  • Watch for alternative spellings: "hecate" vs "hekate"

When searching the databases below, it may be helpful to narrow your search to a specific publication or journal title. Log-in from off-campus required:

Academic OneFile

Academic Search Complete


 Project MUSE


  • TOCS-IN (Table of Contents of journals of interest to Classicists)

Search Terms, Subject Headings, Descriptors

Mythology, Classical

add terms such as drama, fiction, historiography, history, art, dictionaries, encyclopedias, opera, poetry, etc.

Mythology, Greek and Mythology, Roman

adding names of characters (Jason, Medea, Achilles) and terms as above to your search

Other  terms to pair with Greek or Roman, Greece or Rome:










Try searching the following databases to find information on classical mythology.  Log-in from off-campus locations is required.

Sample Papers

In preparation for writing your paper for this class, it may be helpful to view a couple of examples that are available in the Library's databases. Here is the citation information for two articles that are available in the JSTOR database (login required from off-campus).

Richardson, Scott. "Conversation in the Odyssey." College Literature 34.2 (2007):

      132-149. JSTOR. Web. 19 March 2014.

Hunt, David. "The Face of the Wolf is Blessed, or is it? Diverging Perceptions of the

      Wolf." Folklore 119.3 (2008): 319-334. JSTOR. Web. 19 March 2014.

JSTOR Search Tips

View this 5 minute tutorial by the Library Man to learn how to search JSTOR.