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History - HSTA 200 (19th Century British Culture): Historian as Detective: Primary Source Archives

This guide was prepared for students taking Dr. Jennifer Lynn's history class: HSTA 200- 19th Century British Culture

Possible Research Themes - 19th Century British Culture & Primary Sources

Major areas of focus could include the intersection of culture and the working class, women’s rights and suffrage, imperialism and colonization, industrialization, mass politics, urban spaces, sports, class politics, and new bourgeoisie aesthetics.


Possible Research Themes – 19th Century British Culture and Primary Sources

  • Working class movement/labor history (workers publications)
  • Suffrage movement – women’s rights and political culture
  • Imperialism/colonial contacts – images, photography, maps
  • Victorian popular culture: entertainment, circus, monsters
  • Material culture (toys, clothing, furniture)
  • Sports history
  • Music and sound
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Early film
  • Photography (images, publications, photo-books)
  • Death portraiture
  • Novels in historical context (Austen, Stoker, Bronte, Dickins)
  • Bourgeoise culture
  • Advice books for men and women or boys and girls  
  • Gender and sexuality in the nineteenth century
  • Royal household culture and mannerisms
  • “upstairs/downstairs” culture (households and servants)  


Primary Source Archives

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The Library has access to many history databases, including digital archives with primary source material. History databases can be found under the "history" database guide located here:


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