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Record & Go Studio: Simplified Video Recording

Record & Go Studio logo

The Record & Go Studio is an easy-to-use digital video production studio that requires no prior video production experience. The Studio is located on the 3rd floor of the MSUB Library and it is available to MSUB students, staff, and faculty. 

Examples of Studio projects include:

  • Rehearsing for class presentations, thesis or dissertation defenses
  • Creating videos for online instruction and for D2L
  • Creating videos for recruitment, training, or professional development seminars
  • Practicing your public speaking skills
  • Using the green/blue screen to create visual effects
  • Recording an interview or podcast
  • Creating ePortfolio materials or video essays
  • Practicing interview skills in a mock interview

Quick Start Guide


Reserve the studio online

  • Reservations available in 1-2 hour time blocks per day
  • Reservations available up to 4 weeks in advance
  • Reserve the Studio and Editing Room using the button below:




Pick up the studio room key and kit

  • Visit the Ask Here Desk to obtain the Studio key (requires valid MSUB ID)
  • The Ask Here Desk will also loan the Kit, which include the camera and slide advancer remotes
  • Bring a USB flash drive so that you can make a copy of your recording (a 1GB flash drive will record about 25 minutes) 



Record the video

  • Turn on the portable microphone from the Kit
  • Insert the provided USB drive into the dock to activate the Studio camera and lighting
  • Press the record button to start/stop recording
  • When finished recording, remove your USB drive to deactivate the studio camera and lights


Clean up the studio and return the key and the kit

  • Turn off the portable microphone
  • Return the furniture to original positions
  • Log off the Workstation PC, if necessary
  • Make sure the Studio door is locked
  • Return the room key and the kit to the Ask Here Desk