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Library Information for Online Learners: Find Articles

An information guide for students enrolled in online or off-campus courses through Montana State University Billings

Finding Full-Text Articles in Databases

The Library subscribes to many databases which provide free access to thousands of full-text articles. To browse a list of all the databases, use the A to Z Database list. If you aren't sure which database to use, view a list of the databases by subject.

Periodical Types

Knowing the differences in periodical types is important to doing quality research. Watch this 5 minute tutorial to learn more!

I don't know my login information for the databases.

Students who live off-campus can access all the same databases available to students who live in the dorms.  You just have to log in using your NetID and password. You can reset your NetID here.


Call the Ask Here Desk if you have any problems! 406-657-1662

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

Academic research often requires the use of scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles. These resources are generally more reliable because they have been approved and verified by people who are experts in the field. Watch this great 3 minute video to learn more about determining the difference between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine. Video courtesy of the Peabody Library.