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History - HSTR 462: The Holocaust in Nazi Occupied Europe: Primary Sources

Handy research guide to assist students in the History 462 class or for anyone interested in the Holocaust in Nazi Occupied Europe

Lecture by Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor (Billings, MT)

Eva Kor was a twin, and she and her sister Mirium suffered horrific, demented experiments of the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. Eva retells her story and shares her life lessons with a packed house at West High School in Billings, Montana on March 24, 2015. The lecture is a little over an hour long.

Locating Primary Sources

Primary sources can be found in:

  • Collections housed in libraries or archives
  • Digital format through online databases
  • Freely available collections on the Internet
  • Published in books and microforms

For helpful tips on how to make effective use of primary sources, check out the "Making Sense of Evidence" website.


For even more information on using, finding, and evaluating primary sources on the web, click here.

Internet Primary Sources

Library Database Primary Sources

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