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Legal Research

Handy resources to help with legal research

Montana Legislative Branch

Montana has a bicameral legislature that is composed of two chambers: a 100 member House of Representatives and a 50 member Senate. The Montana State Legislatures convenes in odd numbered years for 90 day periods.

The MSUB Library receives print copies of the Montana Law Review published by the University of Montana School of Law. It is located on the 3rd floor of the library. You can also view issues at:


Citations for Case Law

                X vs. Y ___a____ ____b____ ____c____ (d)

a.       Volume

b.       Title of publication (see sample abbreviations at left)

c.        Page number

d.       Date in parenthesis


Citations for Statutes

                ____a____ ____b____ ____c____

a.       Title number

b.       Title of Publication

c.        Section


“Parallel citations” means an entry show two sources

Example: 452 N.M. 383, 822 P.2d 535

(this is the same statute, one entry is in NM Reports and the other in Pacific Reporter)


For legal citations to be mentioned in a body of writing: use the “Blue Book”, which is titled A Uniform System of Citation (KF245.B58 2005 Reference).