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History - World War I Centenary 1914-1918: Home

August 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of World War I. This guide provides links to resources to commemorate this First World War.


Welcome to the World War I Centennial Research Guide. We hope that you find the provided information and links to be helpful in your research.

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Map of Europe 1914

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World War I Photographs

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The Library of Congress Prints & Photograph Division (P&P) has more than 76,000 pictures relating to World War I, in a wide array of formats, including photographic prints and negatives, cartoons, ephemera, posters and drawings. Most of the material was created during the war (1914-1918), but a portion deals with post-war topics such as injured veterans, pension distribution, and the aftermath in European cities. The Library of Congress acquired the materials through copyright deposit, gift, and purchase. In some cases, other Library of Congress units, particularly the Manuscript Division, transferred visual material to P&P for care and service. 

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These photographs and posters were selected from the National Archives holdings of World War I materials.

Summary of World War I Battles

Timeline 1914-1919


Interactive Map and Timeline

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Interactive timelime and map of World War I provided by American Battle Monuments Commission.

History of the Department of Labor - WWI

Start-up of the Department and World War I, 1913-1921


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