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Chicago Citation Style 17th: A. Interviews and Personal Communications

This guide will help you cite sources using the Chicago Citation Style 17th edition.

Interviews and Personal Communications (p. 744-746)

Unpublished interviews and personal communications (conversations, emails, letters, etc.) are generally cited in a footnote only; they are rarely included in the Bibliography. 
General Format 
      Full Note: 
            1.Firstname Lastname, interview by Firstname Lastname, Title of Broadcasting Program, Publisher, date.
      Concise Note: 
            Generally the same as the full note. Can list Interviewee/Email Sender by Surname only.
     Lastname Firstname. Title of Broadcasting Program. By Firstname Lastname. Publisher, date.
Example 1
      Full Note:
          Natasha Trethewy, “Dissection and Other Kinds of Love,” interview by Lindsey Alexander, Sycamore Review, no. 24 (Winter/Spring 2012): 35.
Example 2
      Full Note:
            Carrie Rodriguez, interview by Cuz Frost, Acoustic Café, 88.3 WGWG FM, November 20, 2008.
Example 3
      Full Note:
            1. Constance Conlon, email message to author, April 17, 2000.



Example 4
      Full Note:
            1. John Powell to Grapevine mailing list, April 23, 1998, no. 83,

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