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Children's Literature: Multicultural


Multicultural literature focuses on racial or ethnic minority groups that are culturally different from the Anglo-Saxon majority in the United States.  They help to teach equality and respect of other cultures.  They show how different another culture may be to their own, and to respect the different values and contributions of another culture. They also allow for members of racial or ethnic minority groups to take pride in their culture heritage.

(Through the Eyes of a Child: An Introduction to Children's Literature  by Donna E. Norton)


Billings Public Library has Inclusive Literature Lists

This list of inclusive and diverse literature that the youth of our community can see themselves in as well as use as a conduit to build compassion for others is brought to you on behalf of collaboration between the Human Relations Commission of the City of Billings, the Billings Public Library, and a children’s literature assistant professor from Montana State University Billings.