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Student Training: Home


We are so glad you're here, we couldn't do what we do without our student workers! 

I love the Library and am so glad I get to work here so I hope to make your time spent as a lib stu enjoyable. There is a lot to cover and we try our best to get you trained as well as possible, please feel free to come talk with me if you have any questions or concerns along the way!



Get this! Our reliable friend the Library homepage has had a bit of an update! 

I'm not going to go crazy sharing screen shots of it right here, I'll let you discover on your own!

Please try to especially get familiar with where the things are you might use the most! (ILL, "Get books", etc.)


Spring 2021 Holidays

This summer we will be closed on the following days:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Monday, January 17 

Presidents Day - Monday, February 21

Spring Break - Monday, March 7 - Friday March 11

Mini Spring Break - Thursday, April 14 - Sunday, April 17

University Day - Friday, April 29



Current Happenings

See the 2020 section under the Circulation tab for some cool, timely updates!

Library Locker Info


Here are some hot facts you need to know about the Library Lockers!

  • To open a lock, squeeze the top and bottom together twice to "clear" the lock then do the combination.
  • They are for students, but fac/staff are also able to check them out.
  • They can be returned at any point, maximum check out length is until the end of the semester. 
  • If the lock is lost there will be a $25.00 replacement fee.
  • When you check one out, a fulfillment note with the combo will pop up. It can also be found under "Notes". 
  • We have a locker policy hand out to give out when a locker is checked out.
  • They are located on the 1st floor right as you enter the lib (duh).
  • There is a Locker Binder that has a locker diagram as well as the bar codes for check out. That is also where the policies to hand out will be as well as a sheet for you to write the combination on to give to the student.
  • When a locker is returned, we will re-set the combo before it can be checked out again. If you return a locker before the due date, just fill out a returned locker slip with the number and the date and leave it for Chandra.

What to do when someone wants to check one out:

  • Ask if they know which one they want to use. If not, ask if they want a big one or a small one.
  • To check availability, search "locker" or "locker test record" in Alma and click the three dots and select "items":

  • There you will see all the barcodes with the description and loan status: 

  • Next pull up the patrons account via manage patron services and scan the barcode to check the locker out. You may also copy the barcode from your search to paste into their account.
  • Give the student a locker policy if it's their first time and grab a neon combination sheet. Fill in the number of the locker and write the combination from Alma.
  • They may return the locker before it is due - there are bright little pink slips for you to fill out to indicate which locker, when it was returned, and who returned it. They also have the option of emailing me. There's a pale purple foam envelope on the desk to my right for returned slips.
  • Once it's returned, we'll make sure it's empty and change the combination on that lock.

Circulation Technician

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Chandra Shaw